• Paul Rodgers (Bad Company) // 2018-10-24
    Paul Rodgers (Bad Company)

    2018-10-24 // Interviews

    You know the songs: “All Right Now”, “Bad Company”, “Feel Like Makin’ Love”, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy”...

  • Tom Peterson (Cheap Trick) // 2018-10-15
    Tom Peterson (Cheap Trick)

    2018-10-15 // Interviews

    A lot can change in forty years … but some things never do. Forty years ago I was able to meet Chea...

  • Simon Kirke (Bad Company) // 2018-10-01
    Simon Kirke (Bad Company)

    2018-10-01 // Interviews

    Songs you hear on the radio … sing in the car … kick off your favorite playlists? Simon Kirke playe...

  • Michael Licata  (Femmes of Rock) // 2018-09-12
    Michael Licata (Femmes of Rock)

    2018-09-12 // Interviews

    You might not know the name Michael Licata, but you definitely know the artists he’s worked with — f...

  • Hayley Orrantia // 2018-05-09
    Hayley Orrantia

    2018-05-09 // Interviews

    The hit television show “The Goldbergs” is based on the childhood family of producer Adam Goldberg. ...

  • Don Barnes (38 Special) // 2018-03-03
    Don Barnes (38 Special)

    2018-03-03 // Interviews

    Songs are written, recorded and released. Many are heard and forgotten. Others strike a chord and s...

  • Erik Turner (Warrant) // 2018-02-15
    Erik Turner (Warrant)

    2018-02-15 // Interviews

    Warrant was one of the last hard rock bands to make it big before the grunge movement of the early ’...

  • Nina DiGregorio (Femmes of Rock) // 2018-01-11
    Nina DiGregorio (Femmes of Rock)

    2018-01-11 // Interviews

    While the violin is closely associated with country music, it’s rarely linked to Rock & Roll. The F...

  • Al Pitrelli // 2016-12-02
    Al Pitrelli

    2016-12-02 // Interviews

    You cannot turn on the radio during the holidays without hearing a song by Trans Siberian Orchestra....

  • Troy Luccketta // 2016-08-01
    Troy Luccketta

    2016-08-01 // Interviews

    Some artists refuse to be pigeon-holed, and Troy Luccketta is one of those artists. Most know him ...

  • Stephen Pearcy // 2007-08-17
    Stephen Pearcy

    2007-08-17 // Interviews

    There are several hard rock bands in the 80’s that had commercial success early on before the flood ...

  • Troy Luccketta // 2007-07-12
    Troy Luccketta

    2007-07-12 // Interviews

    Music and the decades they came from can, for the most part, be catorigized. In the 70’s you had dis...

  • Bobby Dall // 2006-06-15
    Bobby Dall

    2006-06-15 // Interviews

    This year marks the 20th anniversary of the debut album from the glam slam kings of noise: Poison. T...

  • Tom Keifer // 2005-08-12
    Tom Keifer

    2005-08-12 // Interviews

    Life isn’t always a fairy tale, even when you have a fairy tale name. Take for example the band Cind...

  • David Coverdale // 2005-06-10
    David Coverdale

    2005-06-10 // Interviews

    There are singers in the industry that “just get by”, and then there are singers that other singers ...

  • Gunnar Nelson // 2005-05-22
    Gunnar Nelson

    2005-05-22 // Interviews

    There’s a lot that goes into having a successful music career. Good songs, image, management, and pr...

  • Eliot Sloan // 2005-04-04
    Eliot Sloan

    2005-04-04 // Interviews

    While some might remember the band Blessid Union of Souls as a one hit wonder, they actually were a ...

  • Nikki Sixx // 2005-02-23
    Nikki Sixx

    2005-02-23 // Interviews

    It’s safe to say that every band out there has borrowed something from another band along the way, e...

  • Rebecca St. James // 2004-11-10
    Rebecca St. James

    2004-11-10 // Interviews

    Contemporary Christian music has come a long way in the past decade. While some artists disappear af...

  • Jay Jay French // 2004-09-17
    Jay Jay French

    2004-09-17 // Interviews

    In the early 80’s, several hard rock bands came onto the scene that set the trend for the rest of th...

  • Bill Leverity // 2004-08-27
    Bill Leverity

    2004-08-27 // Interviews

    Many if not most music acts from the 80’s have settled for becoming a novelty act. They tour, and pl...

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